How you make money on Dead Chicks Are Cool

Anyone can make money on DCAC, but content creators will make the most. Models and photographers or anyone with a following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat can advertise their VIP or Premium content is on DCAC
When you join DCAC you choose either a monthly, yearly or lifetime membership. This entitles you to post whatever you want on your profile or forums, within some parameters. Nudity is welcome, including BDSM, Erotic Art Photography, Boudoir, Ropes and Fetish. XXX pornography or the posting of real people engaging in sexual acts is prohibited.
After you join you will receive an account number with a link. This is the link you will use to post in all your social media.
Create content on DCAC that you can’t post on your regular social media accounts. Some people will pay to see premium or VIP content or want to interact with you in a private live chat. (video chat will be coming soon) Be creative, even though it is good to have nudity, it is not absolutely needed to attract certain fans. Some fans may pay just to see more creative shoots or more exotic content. You can promote our live chat feature which will bring in people who will want to interact with you.
How do you make money? For every person who joins DCAC through your link , you will make 75% of the total amount of the membership. The total will be based on which membership they choose. If they choose a monthly reoccurring membership, then you will receive 75% of their membership every month. That’s right, DCAC gives 75% of all membership fees back to its members who promote the site.
What makes DCAC so unique to your followers? When a person joins through your link, they not only get to see your content, they get to be part of a community of models, photographers and fans all engaging with one another and helping each other grow. Members can interact with everyone through live chat, messaging, forums and the community content feed. Members get to participate in special events and photoshoots. Create your own events and invite the whole community if you want. Start a group or a forum about any subject. Run polls and search for people close to you for meetups.
DCAC, helping alternative models make money, find creative partners and engage with their fans.

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